The Parque Escolar programme

The current secondary school’s building stock consists of a total of 477 schools built from the end of the XIX century, with 77% being built after 1970. This expansion period reflected the compulsory schooling policy for nine years, today increased to twelve years.

In 2007, the portuguese government created through Act 41/2007 of February 14 Parque Escolar E.P.E., responsible for the planning, management, development and execution of the secondary schools modernisation programme, reporting to the ministries of education and finances. This programme plans the intervention in 330 schools until 2015 and a total investiment of 940 million euros, 60% guaranteed by european financing (QREN, EIB, European Commission), state budget and local authorities. The remaining 40% will be guaranteed through bank financing (25%) and in asset recovery and development of business units (15%).

The modernization plan included four pilot interventions in Lisbon and Porto, completed at the beginning of the academic year 2008-2009, for refining the concepts and strategy of intervention. In these pilots was tested a new concept of spaces for teaching and learning science - the Science Learning Studio and remaining structuring units.